Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blogging, 2.0...

Meg here... taking over the Blog for a bit. When we started this last year we had loads of hopes and expectations of weekly blogs with all kinds of cool stuff that we didn't have room for in Facebook or our emails.

But our plans went the way of many. We forgot. We ran out of time. We weren't sure what to say. Truth be told, Nicole had more ideas for the Blog than I ever did. I couldn't figure out what I could say that anyone would want to hear... until now!

Things are changing in 2012 in the world of the Sparkle Girls. We are really increasing the scope of our "outside" shows. We're traveling a little more and testing out our wares in new markets. It's all a little scary, a lot exciting and it's changing so much of what we do and how we do it.

So I thought I might change things up here and make this Blog our little "behind the scenes" into the world of the "Cons and Artist markets we are participating in, what goes into making it happen, the good the bad, the thrilling and the frustrating.

I hope you find it interesting!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer Sparkle! Kids Days! Coming soon!!!!

Do your kids want to be a Sparkle Jr. Designer? Well now they can during our kids summer project days!
We are trying something new this summer! Drop in summer projects for kids! Twice a week in June from 11am-1pm drop in and let your kids create! If June goes great... we may try July too!
  • Ages 6 & Up!
  • If you want to participate drop in anytime between {11am-1pm}
  • If you know you are coming, call ahead to reserve your spot! Drop ins also welcome {We can accommodate 6 at a time}! Private parties can be scheduled upon request!
  • Check the calendar for prices & dates

Project Descriptions
  • Memory Wire Necklace: Jr. designers start out by picking out a charm, then they layout and design their adorable choker necklace using bright colorful beads! {approx. 1hr}
  • Memory Wire Bracelet: Jr. designers start out by picking out a charm, then they layout and design their adorable memory wire bracelet using bright colorful beads! {approx. 1hr}
  • Bottle Cap Designer Pick one of two projects! Either drop in and design 1 magnetic bottlecap and receive a free nylon stretch choker to wear it on {$15, approx. 20-30 min} OR stay a while and design 3 interchangeable magnetic bottlecaps and receive a free nylon stretch choker to wear it on {$30 approx. 1hr.} Jr. Designers will have access to our artwork, glitter, rhinestones & more! {If non-magnetic necklace is preferred… we will add a ring to the bottlecap, and they will receive a free ribbon}
  • Hobbywood Magnets Jr. designers have access to our artwork, glitter, rhinestones and other fun stuff to create 3 magnets! {$15 approx. 1hr}
  • Paper Towel Tube Bangles Jr. designers will learn how recycling can be FASHIONABLE! Bring in a paper towel tube, and using all of our fun artwork, glitter, rhinestones, ribbons, buttons and more make bangle bracelets! You can make about 5 bracelets per tube.
  • Bead Buddies Jr. Designers will create an adorable little person out of beads! You have access to all of our bright, colorful glass beads! Wear your bead buddy as a necklace, or hang him in your room! {$15 approx 1hr}
  • My Art Hobbywood Necklace Jr. designers will create a necklace featuring THEIR artwork! First they create their art using markers, crayons, and colored pencils… then using their art work and our glitter, rhinestones & fun stuff they create a wearable work of art! {$15 approx. 1hr}
  • Stretchy Bracelets: Jr. Designers will have access to tons of bright, colorful beads and will design 3 fun stretchy bracelets! {$15 approx. 1hr}
 Come give your kids something fun to do this summer!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

5 Things You Need to Know!

Okay! So we Sparkle Girls like to keep our loyal fans very well informed! We think there are a few things that you just NEED to know!

1. It is Ally {one of the lovely Sparkle girl's} last week here! We will miss her bunches and we know that you will too! So, if you want to stop in and say goodbye... she will be here Thursday 10-7, Friday 2-8, Saturday 10-8 and Sunday 12-5!

2. Sparkle is a vendor at the Grayson Day Festival this Saturday {April 30th} from 10-3! Meg & Nicole will be at the Sparkle booth selling all kinds of Sparkly things!

3. Mother's Day is May 8th! Don't forget about Mom! You already know that we have something that Mom will love, plus we will gift wrap it for you for FREE {as always} So don't wait till May 7th! Stop by asap for the best selection of Sparkle gifts! PLUS we can always design something special for you! Photo charms are a great Mother's Day gift! Just give us 3 days and we can have it ready for you!
Lockets make a GREAT Mother's Day Gift! The locket is $20 with ANY artwork or a photograph on the outside and come with a free BallChain or Multi Ribbon Cord to wear them on! We have a LIMITED QUANTITY of these so order yours soon!

4. BFF is back! Friday May 13th is right around the corner! Grab all of your BFF's and have a girls night out! Come hang out with the {Sparkle Girls} and enjoy a super fun evening of wine, hor d'ouvres, goodies, prizes... and of course SHOPPING! We will have tons of discounts all over the store, and EVERYONE who walks in the door will receive a $5 off coupon! Be there! {or you will see all the pictures and feel VERY left out!}
BFF Night Fun!

5. Know someone Graduating this year? YES?! Then you are in luck! Because we have created some of the cutest designs for custom charms! We have used the colors of the local schools to create some Graduation Cap artwork! These can be made into any of the charms that we do... bottle cap, scrabble tile, jewelers glass... or even a double sided soldered pendant! How cute would it be with a Graduation Cap on one side and their initial on the other!

Well... That's all you need to know for now! See you soon! And don't forget to Sparkle Whenever Possible!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Buy local... everyone is doing it!

If you haven't already guessed, The Sparkle Girls LOVE shopping local! Especially when we are finding new and exciting things to put in the shop. That is why we sell 25 different lines designed or made by local artists! We can't get enough of them! We love being able to tell y'all where the artist is from and a little bit about them. We find that the pieces that you buy mean so much more when you know they were made right here or close by! And you can show off your new Sparkle proud and tell everyone that you support local artists! Check some great items made by some of our local artists...

Cherry Matador- Snellville, GA

Erin Smith- Decatur, GA

Dammit Dolls- Atlanta, GA

Silver Box Designs- Sugar Hill GA

Pat's Pieces- Covington, GA

Vashti- Sugar Hill, GA

Mary Lee Maury- Lawrenceville, GA

Kristina Collection- Woodstock, GA

Anything But- Gainsville, GA

Lolli- Sugar Hill, GA

Spirit LaLa- McDonough

Moonlight Wrapture- Lawrenceville, GA

This is just a sampling of the local artists that we sell here at Sparkle! And I am sure all of you know, there is always something new! Some of our local artists only ever do the same piece once! So you may have a one-of-a-kind design! Don't forget we make stuff here too!

From custom designed wedding jewelry

To fun stuff to wear everyday!

So shop local... because all the cool kids are doing it! And Sparkle is the BEST place to start!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Charms and Pendants and SILK TIES Oh My!

Okay so we all know charms and pendants are HUGE right now! Everyone loves them because it is a super fun way to design your own necklace! But do you know what the Sparkle Girls love the most?! SILK TIES! They are amazing and so versatile! You can create a new necklace (or even bracelet) everyday! They are comfy on your skin, durable and so easy to get creative with! So here is your bit of inspiration for the day...

Using just 2 pendants, 3 bead dangles, 1 stamped charm, 2 silk ties & some magic I will create more than 12 different designs! And there are so many more I didn't do! Silk ties let you be so creative!

One of the really cool things about some of our pendants, is that they are ALSO reversible! Can't you see that the possibilities are endless!

Because the silk ties don't have a clasp... you can tie them anyway you want! Short, long, even around your wrist as a bracelet! The middle picture shows all the charms tied to the ends of the silk tie to make a lariat. The silk is so easy to knot and tie that you can design the piece you want to wear that day! And change the length depending on the neckline of your shirt or the style you are going for!

Everyone needs a black silk tie! It will help you get a little classier with your charms! Add crystals and pearls to dress it up!

This knotted style can be used as a necklace or a bracelet!
Another lariat style, but a little simpler this time, using fewer charms. This also makes it a little longer!

Some people are skeptical about the silk ties when we first show them off. Here are some silk tie FAQ's:

Q: Do they come untied?
A: Once you tie them on yourself, they shouldn't come untied. If they do... it is probably something you did wrong :) tie the bow a little tighter next time!

Q: Are they durable?
A: YES! The Sparkle Girls wear them almost everyday and we are still wearing some from when we first started carrying them more than 2 years ago!

Q: Can you get them wet?
A: NO! They are 100% silk, and they are hand dyed. Please do not wear them in the shower, or take them for a swim!

So what is the moral of this story? The Sparkle Girls just can't get enough of the Silk Ties! They are handmade & hand dyed in the USA (which makes us like them even more) And the really good news is we are getting a whole bunch of new ones in this week! So come feed your addiction and buy more silk ties! $8 each by themselves OR $5 with the purchase of any pendant!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sparkle Whenever Possible

Since the day we opened our doors in November of 2007, everyone knew the Downtown Lawrenceville Square would never be the same! Although the items that we carry and the things that we do continue to evolve, our motto has always been the same... SPARKLE WHENEVER POSSIBLE!

We believe everyone needs a little Sparkle in their life and are so happy to be serving up the Sparkle in whatever ways we can! So the we (the Sparkle Girls) began to think of new ways to add some Sparkle! So we very quickly dropped everything we were working on to brainstorm new ideas! (we do this often) And this is what we came up with! It was time for us to create a blog where we post our new favorite things, stuff that inspires us, and basically just day-to-day happenings at your favorite neighborhood jewelry store! We did it for our lovely Sparkle fans who just can't get enough of us!

So here it is... our big idea! Enjoy! And please never forget that no matter who you are, what you do, or how old you are... SPARKLE WHENEVER POSSIBLE!

178 E. Crogan Street Downtown Lawrenceville, GA